Unannounced Sony devices surface in Postel and AnTuTu

The Postel and AnTuTu stars have aligned for a sizeable Sony leak. Several device model numbers have hit Postel, the Indonesian wireless authority, - five phones and a tablet. They match up with model numbers in the AnTuTu benchmark database.

The new devices are D2005 and D2105, presumably entry-level Android phones for next year, and the SGP521 tablet. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is SGP321, so this could be an update in the 10.1” class from Sony (now that the Xperia Z Ultra covers the phablet segment).

The C2005 is the Sony Xperia M, while the C2105 is the Sony Xperia L. That would probably make the D2005 and D2105 their replacements and it shows from the AnTuTu benchmarks.

The other three Sony devices arrived in the Postel database even earlier. The list of replacements continues - the D5303 succeeds the C5303 (Xperia SP), the D6503 succeeds the C6503 (Xperia ZL). The D5503 has no current equivalent, but judging on previous leaks, it may be the Sony Xperia Z1S / Z1 mini. Its score entry isn’t new, but we’re including it for the sake of completeness - these phones will probably be Sony's lineup for the first half of next year.

Here’s a chart showing how each phone performs against its 2013 counterpart. The Z1S is matched up against the Xperia Z1 since both should have the same chipset.


Higher is better

  • Sony D5503 Xperia Z1S


  • Sony Xperia Z1


  • Sony D6503


  • Sony C6503 Xperia ZL


  • Sony D5303


  • Sony C5303 Xperia SP


  • Sony D2105


  • Sony C2105 Xperia L


  • Sony D2005


  • Sony C2005 Xperia M


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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