WP 8.1 powers 5% of Windows Phone devices

A report by AdDuplex shows that Windows Phone 8.1 is quickly gaining traction and is now powering slightly over 5% of the overall WP phone base. The study shows the growth is thanks to the newly registered developer accounts and the market launch of the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635.

Still, Windows Phone 7.x is found on 17.8% of devices, while Windows Phone 8 keeps the top position at 77%. Unsurprisingly, just like at the end of January, the Nokia Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone, but it's losing ground. Back in January, the Lumia 520 boasted a 39% market share, while four months later, it stands at 33.7%.

The second most popular phone is the Windows Phone ecosystem is the Lumia 625 with 6.7%, and the Lumia 920 stands close by at 6.2%.

With the Lumia 530 already active in the rumor mill, it'll be interesting to see if it'll be able to achieve the success of its predecessor.


Judul: WP 8.1 powers 5% of Windows Phone devices
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