LG smartwatch with SIM slot headed to Verizon

Since its perpetual competitor, Samsung, has already announced a smartwatch with a built-in SIM card slot for direct mobile data connectivity, you probably won't be surprised to find out that LG wants in on that game too.

An LG VC100 passed through the FCC as a "Smart Watch + CDMA", according to the Commission's own documents (see the image below). This pretty much spells out the fact that we're dealing with a wearable with embedded mobile connectivity, one that won't have to rely on a smartphone - just like Samsung's Gear S. Unlike Samsung's product, though, we assume the VC100 will run Android Wear.

This particular smartwatch is going to be sold by Verizon, an anonymous source says. That's because it's allegedly been spotted in one of Big Red's databases, where it sits neatly alongside other LG devices already launched by the carrier.

Although we don't have an actual picture of the VC100 yet, what is depicted in the image above is its profile, as seen from the rear. So it looks like it will have a design that will fall right in between the company's G Watch (which is much more squared) and G Watch R (which is round). Given the shape here, we expect it to sport a square display, but nothing's certain until it gets properly leaked.

Update: a new report says this may just be LG's previously announced KizOn wearable, which you can use to keep track of your kids. The shape fits, and the dimensions of the two are very close.


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