Pepsi teams up with Oppo for a special edition N1

The marriage of soft drink beverages and smartphone technology seems a bit far-fetched to us. That hasn't stopped Pepsi from teaming up with Oppo to release their very own version of the N1.

A Cyanogen Mod edition N1 makes total sense. The team of hackers have been modifying and improving Android software for a very long time now and hackers around the world laud their exploits all across the internet. But a Pepsi edition? Well, that's China for you.

The Chinese Pepsi N1 edition comes in a retail packaging sporting the Pepsi colors, and the phone itself is rocking a back cover with the iconic red, white, and blue logo. There's no word on any special software that will come with the phone, aside from a pre-installed Pepsi theme.

If you're a huge Pepsi fan or want this fizz-inspired cola handset, your only shot at getting one is participating in a dedicated contest, held by Pepsi in China. You know, the usual stuff, buy a Pepsi for your chance to win. If any of our lucky readers happens to win the Pepsi N1, let us know, we'd love to share some live images with our readers!

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